Simple Hen Waterer

Watching people buy farm equipment from the store just about makes a farmer sick to his stomach.  Don’t waste your money, folks.  Learn to make your own equipment with common farm supplies.

A simple hen waterer may be made by punching a nail through the bottom side (about 1/2″ up) of a plastic pail with a lid and setting the leaking pail in a rubber feed bowl just wider than the bucket.

The water will leak into the bowl until the water level gets above the hole, then, the pressure outside the hole will slow or stop the leak.  When the hens drink more and lower the pressure, the bowl will fill again.


Make sure the lid is snug because the vacuum pressure inside the bucket keeps the water from emptying.

To refill the waterer, just bring another bucket of water to the hens, pop the lid off the waterer, fill it up, snap the lid back on, and you’re done.

Make sure you keep the bowl clean.



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