Michael Family Farm’s New Website

Dear friends,

We’d like to invite you to our new website, begin assembled presently at www.michaelfamilyfarm.com.

You can expect the same information on traditional family farming and household management you enjoyed before on our Villa Pacis blog–and much more.

God bless your families,

William & Dania Michael
Michael Family Farm


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Building Fences

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting up some new field fencing to create a 3 acre pasture for our sheep and dogs and a 1 acre garden area behind our (private) home.

We’ll probably be using 48″ (high) sheep/goat high-tension woven wire fencing with round treated wood posts.  I say “probably” because the sheep/goat fence (4″ openings) costs twice as much as general livestock field fence (6″ opening).

Anyway, here’s what the job will look like:


God bless,

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Back to Work…

After two years of necessary office work which required us to sell our livestock and step away from farm work, we’ll basically be starting over again in 2015 here on the Michael Family Farm.  We learned a lot the first time around and are looking forward to the opportunity to have a second chance to do it again.

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Meats in the Christian Diet

When many think of medieval Christian culture, they think of feasts with tables full of roasts and hams, but the rule of St. Benedict, which laid the principles for the establishment of medieval Catholic culture, advised Christians to pass on the meats:

Except the sick who are very weak, let all abstain entirely from eating the flesh of four-footed animals.

Now, I know that most Christians will say, “But St. Benedict was writing to monks, not laymen.”, but that’s really not true.  St. Benedict (like all saints) understood the monastic life to be a quality of life to which ALL Christians ought to aspire, which the monastery made more convenient.  The idea that what’s good for monks is not good for laymen is the opposite of the truth.  The counsel concerning meats is not intended for monks alone, nor is it intended for Christians during the seasons of Lent or Advent.  It is a general dietary rule for those who are interested in BEGINNING on the road to personal holiness.  (Remember that St. Benedict was teaching an easy rule for beginners, not what he called the “way of perfection” which he said could be studied elsewhere.)

So, on the farm here, we’re unloading our four-footed meat animals and re-organizing things so that the rule of St. Benedict can be observed.  That’s why you’ll notice our pages on our farm’s dairy cows, meat sheep, meat goats and pigs have disappeared.

God bless,
William Michael
Michael Family Farm

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Ox Training

Here’s a helpful video on training young oxen.  We have two young dairy oxen that we’ve kept for working and we’ll be training them this year.  I’ll try and post anything I find helpful along the way.

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Plough Monday is January 12th

While most people are settling indoors for the winter, traditional farmers know that January 12th begins the Spring plowing season.  “Plough Monday” is the first Sunday after the 12 days of Christmas, which end Jan. 6th (Epiphany).  In the past, the Church blessed farmers and their plows and farm communities hosted games to mark the beginning of the new farm year.

Time to get the horses in shape and the plows ready.


Jonathan (14) and David (11) taking our Percherons–Jake and Elwood–out for an exercise run on Thtursday, Dec. 18th, 2014.

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It’s a Girl!


After five boys in a row, our family received a long awaited, and desperately needed girl.

Anna Katherine Michael was born on 12/14/2014 at 4:30am at home in perfect health, weighing 8 lbs.

Thanks be to God for an amazingly healthy pregnancy for my wife, Dania, and a perfectly safe delivery.  Mommy and baby are in perfect health.

Merry Christmas!
William Michael

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