Dorper Sheep

Pregnant Dorper ewes at Villa Pacis.

Dorper Sheep are among the best mutton or meat breeds of sheep and they shed their wool, so no shearing is needed. Therefore, if you’re considering sheep, don’t be discouraged if you’re not interested in dealing with wool. You don’t have to.

In case you’re curious, we’ll be getting into wool sometime next year when our long-wooled Leicesters are available. We’re waiting on April lambs from a Raleigh (NC) breeder.

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2 Responses to Dorper Sheep

  1. Jason Knight says:

    Do you slaughter these meat sheep yourself? If so, do you take it to a butcher for processing? Do you process them yourself at the farm? Or, do you sell them for profit?

    Same thing about your meat goats – – – what do you do with them?

    What is so annoying about your Boer meat goats?

    • villapacis says:

      haven’t yet…they’re new around here and just had their first few babies….next Spring butchering will begin..we’ll do it ourselves.

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