Raise Your Own Chickens…It’s Not a Big Deal

To raise your own chickens, you don’t need anything more than fertilized eggs, a $65.00 incubator and 21 days.  Of course, when an egg is laid, you cannot tell that it is fertilized or not..that takes a few days.  As long as your roosters have access to your hens, you’ll probably have a large number of fertilized eggs.  After 3-4 days, you can “candle” the eggs by holding them up in front of a bright light in a dark room.  You can see through the shell and will either see an embryo developing or…nothing.  In an incubator set at 100 degrees F, turning the eggs a few times each day, you’ll have chicks in 21 days.  The cheap incubator I linked to above holds 50 eggs.

I happened to have my phone in hand as one of our eggs opened up–you can see the others starting to hatch.  These are Plymouth Rock chicks:

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6 Responses to Raise Your Own Chickens…It’s Not a Big Deal

  1. LeeAnn Balbirona says:

    Neat video! So how many chickens do you keep at a time? Do you keep every one that hatches? Is there a certain ratio of males to females that is preferable?

    • villapacis says:

      We raise them for our own use, so we keep a flock that serves our needs. We’ll have 75 after these hatch and we keep them all. They end up about 50-50 male/female. Females are kept for eggs, males are grown and eaten. The 2 or 3 best males are kept to produce the next round of chicks. For every 10 hens you get 8 eggs per day, so 20 hens easily provides a dozen eggs per day. A family of 9 puts away 18 eggs easily in one meal–and our oldest is only 10! By the time he’s 17, we’ll have 4 farm boys over 10 plus Dad. We’ll probably be up to 30 eggs per meal then, which means we will need to keep 50 laying hens to easily take care of that.

      • jessica hannon says:

        I would like to see pictures and know more about your coop/ chicken housing. That is a lot of chickens!

  2. teatimekitty says:

    I am glad you have done the math! I guess we had better get “crackin'” (sorry) on our farm. We’re up to 18 eggs per meal too. We have friends who are THE world’s most disorganized family EVER. They raise chickens. They eat their own eggs. If they can do it, I am sure ANYBODY can.

  3. mhazellc says:

    How long do find fresh eggs brought in from the barn to “last” (remain edible) without refrigeration? Thanks 🙂

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