Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine is a 2 week old, pure-bred Jersey bull calf--the latest addition to Villa Pacis.

Our home dairy had a special Valentine’s Day. A good friend of ours (Creekside Acres Farm) had a big, strong and pure-bred Jersey bull calf 2 weeks ago and we brought him home on Valentine’s Day.   Cost:  $50 (it’s good to have friends).  His name…of course…”Valentine”.  This is great for us because it is very hard to find a healthy Jersey bull cow (the dairies leave them to die) and we don’t want to rely on vets and artificial insemination to breed our ladies.  Now, we’ll have our own bull right here for controlled breeding and we can swap with our friends when we need to add some variety into the herd.  Valentine will be ready to breed in 18 months and then….fresh milk with no outside assistance for the next 10 years.   He’ll be bottle fed for a few weeks and then settle in just in time for Spring grazing.  It’s a happy Valentine’s Day at Villa Pacis.

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