Dairy Barn Update

Our new 900 sq. ft. dairy barn is finished, as far as construction goes, and now needs to be painted and landscaped.  The barn will be painted white with dark green trim.  Remember, this barn was built for less than $6,000 by 2 men with no machinery other than a table saw. 

South face of barn with double doors closed. A second set of doulble doors is on east face (right).


South face of barn with double doors opened. See north gate on opposite side of barn, opening to the northern pasture. This entrance is 10' wide and allows a tractor to enter for manure removal, hay delivery, etc.. Doors lift off hinges for easy removal.


West face of barn with 10' gate opening to west pastures. Gate is kept closed in good weather to keep animals outside and barn clean, opened when bad weather is expected so animals have shelter. Water tank is located away from barn to prevent mud.


Inside of barn features (4) 10'x11' stalls, large enough for any animal. Open areas can be converted into temporary stalls as needed. Notice ventilation above barn walls and in stalls. Keep water outside the barn so bedding remains dry. Lumber is rough cut from a neighbor's sawmill.


Looking out west gate from center of barn. The barn is designed to be easily extended westward as needed.


For the same amount of money that we built a 900 sq. ft. dairy barn with, you would be stuck with this 288 sq. ft. shed from Lowe's.

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