Our Favorite Animals

Mary (5) and her little lamb.

We love our Jersey cows.  They’re like giant dogs.  They like to be pet and talked to and they love their daily routine.  However, our favorite animals on the farm are our sheep.  There is just something calming abuot the presence of sheep that’s hard to describe. 

It’s no wonder God called David “a man after my own heart”.   Spending time with sheep teaches man everything he needs to know about marriage, parenting, politics and more.  Sheep are perfectly innocent, perfectly vulnerable, perfectly gentle and perfectly simple.  There is a certain spirit of complete dependence present in sheep that makes one feel sorry for them and desire to protect them.  The sheep fold was certainly the best place for God to find a man who would be fit to lead His people–a man who understood what it meant to be a true leader and shepherd of men.

“He chose David his servant, took him from the sheepfold.   From tending sheep God brought him, to shepherd Jacob, his people, Israel, his heritage.  He shepherded them with a pure heart; with skilled hands he guided them.

The baby lambs are by far the most adorable animals on earth–and it’s hard to keep them out of the house.  They look like they belong in a baby’s room…and our babies love them. 

For a great guide to sheep breeds, check out Oklahoma State University’s Guide to Livestock breeds in the link menu on the right.  It’s a great resource.

May our sons be like plants well nurtured from their youth, Our daughters, like carved columns, shapely as those of the temple.  May our barns be full with every kind of store. May our sheep increase by thousands, by tens of thousands in our fields; may our oxen be well fattened.  May there be no breach in the walls, no exile, no outcry in our streets.  Happy the people so blessed; happy the people whose God is the LORD.

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