Work for Boys

Jonathan (10) and David (7) can handle tree care by themselves.

I am often yelled at by parents for not sticking to “age-appropriate” tasks in CLAA lessons I write.  The reason I don’t stick to the age-appropriate stuff is because I know it’s false.  When children are given sound instruction, supervised as they learn new skills and then given ample time to practice, there’s not much they can’t handle.  Unfortunately, in modern circles, because (a) instruction is poor, (b) supervision is lacking and (c) the kids never have time to practice anything, they can’t do too much. 

What is sad is that the modern way of life has been accepted as the “norm” and therefore its failures have also been accepted as “normal”.   Worse, the failure to teach and exercise students rightly leaves them immature and unable to do the kind of stuff that interests growing kids.

We don’t have that problem around here…there’s plenty of work for boys!

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One Response to Work for Boys

  1. That is really wonderful! Everything down to playgrounds in America are so “safe” they are no longer fun or even interesting. God bless you for letting your boys grow up in a healthy way!

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