Saturday Visit from the MOP

MOP brothers visiting for lunch on Saturday 5/29.

The MOP brothers dropped in today to allow two brothers who just finished their philosophical studies in Toronto to enjoy a day on the farm before returning to Jamaica.  Brothers Roel and Relante joined brother Rodel (superior) and enjoyed the usual tour of the farm and then played track ball (which they thought was really cool) and sat down for some strawberry shortcake.

It may sound funny, but the brothers come here to see how to live simply in America.  They have 1,001 questions about the equipment/furnishings we use, the way we care for the animals and gardens, our water supply, on and one…every detail to help them establish their first American mission. 

The challenge for them is that their charism is free service to the poorest of the poor.  However, in America, the challenge is for them to maintain a life of work and prayer in a society that doesn’t do so.  They, coming from the Philippines, Jamaica, India, etc.., have never had to live in a place with so much, so the challenge is new to them.  Father Ho Lung is insistent that they cultivate simplicity and, as funny as it may seem, they come to our house for help with that. 

David teaching the brothers how to play trackball.

Who could have thought that our interest in the simple life would have such a use?  Ha!  God works in mysterious ways.

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