Simple Fun

The kids enjoying some fun in the pond after fishing

Elijah Schmiedicke (8) and Jonathan Michael (10) fishing on the farm. The boys caught enough fish to provide all 16 of us with a fish dinner.

We are enjoying the company of the Schmiedicke family this week and our kids (all 12!) have had a ball together.  No video games.  No expensive toys.  No gizmos or gadgets.  No TV.  They’ve been fishing, catching crayfish, tadpoles, working in the gardens, helping with the animals, and…best of all…swimming in the pond.  Sure there have been a few times we needed to step in…like when the boys were roasting grasshoppers for a snack…but on God’s playground there really isn’t much bad that can be done.  It is designed for kids to enjoy. 

Why has life become so complicated and miserable? 

God help us return to the simplicity you intended and, like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, enjoy your generous care and provision.

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4 Responses to Simple Fun

  1. You stopped them from imitating St. John the Baptist (eating locusts), or did you just intervene by giving them some honey to go with that snack? ;o)

    • villapacis says:

      Well, it started with roasted grasshoppers, which one of the MOP brothers from India introduced my sons to. but then I noticed a bucket full of tadpoles and crayfish and I heard the boys talking about crayfish soup. I looked across the lunch table and saw a bowl full of crayfish (hopefully cooked), some swiss chard and cucumbers and boys ready to chow down. Fortunately, it only took one spoonful to persuade them that their soup was disgusting.

      One of the dangers of outdoor cooking is that there is always a fire burning…and kids can sneak stuff over the fire when Mom and Dad aren’t around. Hopefully, they’re praying before they eat.

    • jessica hannon says:

      Tell your boys if they really want to eat the crawfish (we dont call them “crayfish” down here) I will send them some “crawfish boil seasoning powder” and they can boil them and even add in some onions, potatoes and carrots. They they might like them enough to start crawfish farming… That is how we eat them down in Louisiana.

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