Checking in on the Goats…

A few weeks back we posted on the use of goats as land-clearing machines.  I wanted to share a picture of their progress…

The area when the goats got to work.

A look at the goats' work after 3 weeks.

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6 Responses to Checking in on the Goats…

  1. I unexpectedly was given 22 chickens 2 weeks ago, and they have done the same thing in the area where we put them!

  2. Diana says:

    A couple random “goat” questions:
    Do goats get ticks and fleas like dogs do?
    Also, ….oh well, I forgot what my 2nd question was… 😦

    • villapacis says:

      I haven’t noticed ticks on the dog and we don’t get close enough to these goats to tell whether they have ticks or not.

  3. ann marie says:

    What about those shrubs/plants in the background? The goats left them alone. If you wanted to clear that land to grow grass how would you go about it?

    I’m thinking of two kids about 10 years of age…if I knew how to do it myself, I could teach them and give them a good project for a few weeks this summer. We have only basic tools, nothing with a motor.

    • villapacis says:

      Give them more time…they’ll get rid of them.

      What we do is:

      1. Cut the trees down in the early summer, cut them up and let them dry out for firewood.
      2. In February, when the ground is very wet, soft, pull the stumps out with our tractor.
      3. When the stumps are cleared out and burned up, “bush-hog” the whole are.
      4. Spray the area with a brushkiller to kill everything growing.
      5. Till the area and plant grass.
      6. Keep it mowed short the first year to kill weeds.
      7. When it’s clean, let it grow to 8″ and open it up for sheep, cows.


  4. Rebecca Kirby says:

    I like the reflection of light in the second picture. It adds a nice touch. I can hear the sparkle chime in the background when I look at it.

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