Getting Started with Pigs

Yes, pigs have arrived at Villa Pacis.  My father did a job for a local farmer and accepted two 6 week-old as payment, then gave them to us. 

So, we built a 30’x70′ hogwire pen on the back of our property, dug them a 10′ wide watering hole with about 8″ of water in it (rainwater)  and got them settled in yesterday.  We filled the shelter we made for them with hay and left them last night.  I went out this morning  to check on them…and they were gone.  I looked all over for them, and walked the back stream to see if they had got loose, but nothing.  There were no holes under the fences, no footprints anywhere.    Then, my son David found them…sound asleep under the hay in their shelter, completely covered. 

They’re cute little buggers…but I know that won’t last long.

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One Response to Getting Started with Pigs

  1. teatimekitty says:

    Take a picture before they lose their cuteness!

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