Quotes from the Old Romans

“Therefore, as in all matters, so too in the acquiring of land, moderation shall be exercised. For only so much is to be occupied as is needed, that we may appear to have purchased what we may keep under control, not to saddle ourselves with a burden and to deprive others of its use and enjoyment after the manner of men of enormous wealth who, possessing entire countries of which they cannot even make the rounds, either leave them to be trampled by cattle and wasted and ravaged by wild beasts, or keep them occupied by citizens enslaved for debt32 and by chain-gangs. But every man’s limit will be determined by his own desire plus his means; 13 for, as I have said before, the desire for possession does not suffice if you lack the wherewithal for cultivation.”

-Columella, De Re Rustica (70 AD)

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One Response to Quotes from the Old Romans

  1. The same can be said for the size of a house. I used to think we were running out of space in our present house, and I wanted to move to a bigger one. But as the years go by, I see that we have PLENTY of room in the house, and maybe even too much! It is hard to keep it all clean, especially since we STILL have too much stuff in it that we can’t use because we can’t get to it or find it.

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