Clover in the Fall, Bees in the Spring

I planted 1/4 acre of white clover today in the area where we will be starting our honeybee hives next Spring.  We’re hoping to establish a colony of honeybees not merely for the production of honey, but also to improve the pollination of our flowering plants in the gardens and in our soon to be established orchard.   The clover should be up in a few weeks and in good shape in the spring.  We’ll be purchasing our first hives and bees from Miller Beekeeping Supplies here in NC. 

The clover variety was Landino clover, a white clover which grows 8-10″ tall (yes, that’s tall for clover).   We purchased the seed through BWI Co.–a 60 lb. (bushel) bag for $120.00.  We also planted one half of our entire back garden with the clover to serve as a green manure.

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