Cheesemaking Made Simple

1.  Heat milk.

2.  Add an edible acid (vinegar is best).

3.  Stir until curds and whey separate.

4.  Strain out curds with cheesecloth.

5. Salt curds to taste.

6.  Press and shape curds.

7.  Eat.

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3 Responses to Cheesemaking Made Simple

  1. Don’t you have pictures and diagrams? Cow milk or goat milk? Do you use organic lemon juice, or do you squeeze your own organic lemons? Unfiltered cider vinegar, or filtered white vinegar? Fine or coarse cheesecloth? How many layers? Sea salt or iodized table salt? Spoon or fork?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist complicating things! ;o)

    Seriously, this is just about the simplest thing in the world, besides just drinking the milk straight from the cow or goat

  2. villapacis says:

    Our goal is to have cheese and then eat it…not study and admire it. 🙂

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