Beer Brewing…Thanksgiving Weekend

The CLAA has kept me so busy that I haven’t brewed any beer in over two YEARS.  Dania has had stomach problems after each pregnancy and she’s found the cure…alcohol!  So, I actually have a wife urging me to brew some beer.  I must be in heaven–a wife urging her husband to brew beer! 

Anyway, I know there’s lots of stuff on the internet or in books on brewing beer, and they (as always) tell you a thousand things you don’t need to know.  I’ll detail my steps next week and give you a beer-brewing guide that is simple and sustainable.  No kits, no canned malt extract syrup…just good beer.  We’ll make some English Ale most likely or maybe a wheat beer.  I don’t know yet.


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7 Responses to Beer Brewing…Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. teatimekitty says:

    Yippee! I will tell my husband how you do it. Maybe he’ll try it in his “spare time” too. Two of my brothers and one brother-in-law brew their own beer, so it will be interesting to see how your methods differ.

  2. Theresa Squire says:

    Yay! I like beer too. (Good for the milk supply, too! haha)

    Can’t wait! Hopefully not too confusing (with lots of odd, hard to find equipment) like in Cottage Economy- I was just thinking about that book yesterday!!!

    Perhaps this will turn out to be a cool, Father-sons project?

  3. Chasity Short says:

    William, I too have terrible stomach problems after giving birth, that lasts for months. Just terrible pain, cramping. Is this what Dania has? I’m asking b/c if so, and if beer helps, I might try it after this next baby! My husband is going to be excited too if I ask him to brew beer 🙂

    • villapacis says:

      Hi Chasity,

      When Dania is nursing, her stomach/abdomen swells up like she’s 3 months pregnant anytime she eats. Once she stops nursing, it disappears. It is usually painful, but sometimes she swells without much pain. We were initially told it was a food allergy, stress, etc.., but it wasn’t any of those things. Anything that went in her stomach made her blow up.

      This time around, she actually thought of St. Paul’s words to Timothy: “Do not still drink water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake, and thy frequent infirmities.” (1Ti 5:23 DRA)

      She tried a glass of wine when her stomach blew up and…it went away. Unfortunately, Dania can’t handle alcohol, so if she drinks wine, she ends up needing a nap in a few hours.

      Anyway, health is so complicated and there are a million variables. We pray and wait. She is planning to wean the baby because of the problem though…afraid it will grow worse. Fortunately, we have fresh goat milk here on the farm, which is (supposedly) the next best thing for babies.


  4. jessica hannon says:

    You might want to look into making your own “rejuvelac” with wheat or another grain for Dania. It is basically a fermented grain drink without the high alcohol content – so no sleepy side effects. It is drunk as a digestion aid.

  5. Christopher Ruckdeschel says:

    Hello Mr. Michael,

    My wife has just ordered a 50 lb bag of barley that should arrive today. I’m excited to see you approach to beer making.

    Thank you,
    Chris Ruckdeschel

  6. claire chapman says:

    Has your wife tried Kombucha tea? It’s a fermented tea that usually helps stomach problems. You need to get a starter, which can be easily ordered from the internet. I’d be happy to ship you one although I’m not sure how well it would travel and you may be better off ordering from people who are used to doing it. If you Google kombucha a lot of information comes up. I’ve brewing it for a while and would be happy to answer any question if you have some.
    Also, the Weston Price Foundation has very good recipes for raw-milk-based baby formula:

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