Baking Day

For Dania, Saturday is Baking Day. On Saturday, she bakes our bread for the week…20 loaves. It’s good stuff, boy.

bread is made with fresh buttermilk (we have a dairy, remember) or fresh whole
milk when there’s no more buttermilk.  She bakes them all on Sunday and
freezes them to be defrosted a few hours before eating.  She said there are
a few tricks that make the bread store better and stay softer, but I don’t know
them other that she uses milk instead of water and kneads the life out of the
dough.  She’s really a master of bread-making…it’s an obsession of hers,
along (lately) with cheese and yogurt-making.

Today, she took time off from breadmaking and made my favorite Christmas cookies–Mocha Frosted Drops. Her mother used to make them for me when we were dating in high school and I enjoy (way too many) of them every Christmastide. I don’t know how much of my interest in marrying Dania was actually influenced by Christmas cookies. Her mother is the undisputed queen of Christmas baking…and we have all the recipes.


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12 Responses to Baking Day

  1. Angela says:

    So, how does she store all that bread for the week? My bread gets very dry after a couple of days. That’s why I make it as needed – usually everyday.

    • villapacis says:

      She said her bread stores well and stays soft because it is milk-based and not water-based. She uses up all of our buttermilk (we have a dairy, remember) when she makes her bread and then does the rest with fresh milk. She also says it has to do with the amount of kneading she does.

      She freezes the loaves she bakes and defrosts them a few hours before we eat. It takes her about 7 hours to get it all done on Saturday, as she works on it between her other Saturday activities and chores. I’ve added a picture of her loaves to the original post.

  2. Zeliemum says:

    Dania, how long does it take to make 20 loaves & how do you store your bread over the week?
    God Bless

  3. Theresa Squire says:

    And where is the recipe for these spectacular cookie located?

    Thanks in advance!

    • villapacis says:

      I’m going to make her produce a Michael Family Farm Cookbook…she knows way too much to just keep it all to herself. Her recipe was customized by her mother, so I’ll have to get her to share it…if that’s allowed.

  4. jessica hannon says:

    Do you have a grain mill to mill the wheat yourselves, buying wheat in bulk? Or do you buy your flour in bulk?

  5. claire chapman says:

    Does Dania put the bread in freezer plastic bags when she freezes them? The loaves look wonderful. I would love to see a book of your recipes.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  6. Rebecca K says:

    Could you tell me if this is the same bread recipe published on the CLAA family forum on January 18, 2010?


  7. Carol H says:

    God Bless You & Yours.

  8. Fiona says:

    Looks great
    Recipe please? 🙂

  9. michellejm9 says:

    Do you have any posts on cheese and yoghurt making? I think I have our yoghurt pretty good, but am always open to new ideas.

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