Saturday Fun….Work.

The kids burst from the house this morning ready for an exciting day of work…yep, work.  After Morning Prayer I asked the kids if they would (a) take care of milking for me, (b) bring a week’s supply of hay back to the dairy barn and (c) shell corn.   I told them I’d give them $10 if they get it all done.  For the kids, this is all fun.  No studies today…just fun.   They’re growing up with a different view of work than I had when I was their age.  For me the options weren’t (a) study, (b) pray and (c) work. Thee options were (a) go to school or (b) play.  Play took over and made everything else miserable, but I see none of that in my kids.  They love doing useful physical work…and they can do a heck of a lot.

My 10yo son came in this evening with his hands raw from working, proud of himself.  He knows that what he’s doing is pleasing to me and his mother and he enjoys a happiness that I don’t think I ever had as a kid–a sense of being appreciated, helpful, mature.  In my family, I just played.

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