Draft Horses…Coming Soon

Our plan, from the beginning, has been to use the technology and machines available to us today to eliminate themselves and slowly establish a self-sufficient and animal/man-powered farm.  One of the last pieces we were going to pursue was the addition of horses.  I don’t mean play horses for Sunday riding, but working farm horses that powered the farm.

In January, we will be adding two Percheron draft horses.  We actually will not be buying these horses, but first bringing them to the farm and keeping them for a friend who uses them only for carriage rides (see right).  He will be teaching us to care for and manage them and we’ll start putting them to work–from ploughing to driving.  Then, we’ll have the option to buy them, which we most likely will. 

We will need to add a large section to our barn for the addition of draft horses, so that will be a new project for us.   I will be sure to share all that I learn, contacts, tips, resources, etc., as we get started.  I’m looking forward to a new a beautiful era for our farm and family life.

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