Fruit of His Labors

Jonathan checking out his new donkey at a nearby horse farm.

Our 11yo son Jonathan had an exciting day today.  He bought his first farm animal.  He found a 14 month-old donkey for sale an hour away and went this morning to check it out.  This was his first taste of the real-life rewards of hard work.  Jonathan’s work provides our family’s milk every day and brings us hundreds of dollars of profit every month.  He’s only 11 and he’s learning to think and work profitably like a wise man.   I can’t imagine what he’ll be doing at 16 or 26, especially starting with a growing  farm already in his possession.

The secondary benefit is the influence he has on his younger siblings.  Seeing Jonathan have the  ability to decide he wants to get something as big and impressive as his own farm animal has the younger kids eager to work.  Elizabeth is already thinking of buying a female donkey so they can breed more donkeys.  There’s no confusion in our family that work is better than play. 

I just wrote a CLAA article on the absence of healthful, productive work in our children’s lives and it’s confirming to see it true in the lives of my own family.  Let the kids get back to work and start TODAY developing their adult lives.  


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One Response to Fruit of His Labors

  1. Claire Chapman says:

    I’m curious: What is Jonathan going to use the donkey for? What kind of farm work? Thanks and happy new year!

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