Make Your Own Rope Halter

Latch KnotFound myself in the barn one day with no halters around and I didn’t feel like going to the store.  So, I grabbed some rope and decided to make one.  There are different options, obviously, but what I found to be great about making my own is that you can make a basic halter, get it on your horse or donkey and then custom fit it by adjusting the knots.

The nicest rope halter I’ve found (and best, though certainly not perfect instructions) is this one:

If you can master that halter, make sure you tie the poll straps correctly or else your horse/donkey could get hurt.  The halter should be tied with a latch knot like that you see in the picture.



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2 Responses to Make Your Own Rope Halter

  1. wmclaa says:

    Notice in the pictures of the halter at that link that the rope they use to make the halter with is pretty thin. I’ve been told that 3/8″ marine/yacht rope is best.

  2. Jim Dorchak says:

    We used to make all of our halters for breaking our Calves. When I was a boy the local extension office had a class on how to do it and my brother and I attended. They were using hemp rope which is terrible for this use but it was before nylon rope was in style and ready supply. The problem with hemp rope was that when the calf or poney slobbered while you were breaking them, it would get the rope wet and it would expand which made it almost impossible to release. We quickly learned how to make them out of nylon.
    Maybe if you checked with the extension agent in your county they would still have the booklet for making these single line no cut halters. At one time we had 10 but they eventually wear out. Good luck.

    Jim Dorchak

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