Boarding School Early Enrollment

Dear families,

With enrollment being limited to only 20 students (maybe even less), the CLAA boarding school in Monroe, NC will be filled quickly.  I’ve been asked by existing CLAA families whether there might be a way to ensure a spot for the fall.  While everyone will have to submit a formal application, which we will review carefully with the others to select what we believe to be the best possible class (not necessarily  the best individuals), we do agree that CLAA families deserve first choice if they are approved for admission.

Therefore, what I’m offering is an “Early Intention Deposit” to be made by interested CLAA families.  This will allow a CLAA family to express their intention to enroll (if admitted) with a $250 deposit that will be deducted from their tuition this fall.  This deposit will be non-refundable UNLESS the student is denied admission.  If an early intention family satisfies admission requirements, they will be guaranteed a spot before any other applicants.

To submit an Early Intention Deposit, you can complete and submit this simple form: 

Early Intention Deposit Form

If you have tons of questions about the school, this form is not for you.  Please e-mail me privately with such questions. 

God bless,

William Michael 

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