Baby Goats

Evie gave us three beautiful kids last week–pure-bred Nubian dairy goats. Two doelings and one buck.

WM via BlackBerry.

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4 Responses to Baby Goats

  1. wmclaa says:

    Sorry about the dumpster in the background…we found an old buried junk pile in the woods that we dug out and are removing. Just temporary. 🙂

  2. I see electric fencing up. Could you give me a description of how you run your electric fencing for your goats? If you already have on here, can you point me to it? We have seen electric fencing NOT hold goats in so we want to know how to do it right.

    • wmclaa says:

      The electric fencing is for the cows, not the goats. It’s 4′ high, 5-wire. Some people say, “Cows only need 3 wires”, but fencing isn’t just to keep cows in, but also to keep calves in and predators out. What’s a 3-wire fence going to do to a coyote? Electric fencing doesn’t keep goats in…I don’t care what anyone says. If goat doesn’t like the place you put her, you will not contain her with wires. It’s smarter to learn where your goats like to be and then fence them in there. We also keep an English shepherd loose on the outside of the pastures, so the animals don’t want to come out. You really can’t just pick a place that’s convenient for you and say, “Goats, live happily here!” If you put a fish in a field, it’s going to try to get out until it dies. Likewise, if you put a goat in a place where they don’t feel safe, they’ll try to get to a safe place…until they die.

      To keep goats in, you’d have to use high-tensile goat/sheep fencing like we use for our expensive wool sheep–and this is expensive fencing. Plus, it’s not “do-it-yourself” fencing unless you have some man-power on a farm. It requires deep, cemented double corner posts that are wire-tied for strength and you need to pull the fencing with a stretching tool or (like we do) with a tractor. No fun, but a beautiful fence.

      One more thing…I DO NOT recommend the battery or solar-powered electric fence chargers. They look nice in catalogs, but they stink on the farm. Get a plug-in charger…even if you need to run an extension cord out to it.

  3. jessica says:

    Thanks for taking time to explain. Unfortunately for us, a goats favorite place on our property is our property line- overgrown trees,shrubs along a gully. I think it is impossible to fence in that area.

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