Shearing Sheep the Old Fashioned Way

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6 Responses to Shearing Sheep the Old Fashioned Way

  1. eve sullivan says:

    That’s interesting. What will you do with the wool?

  2. Alyssa Gibson says:

    Why does she not run away? I have watched sheep shearing before and they don’t, but I never found out why. Also, does this gentleman, the man doing the shearing, only use this method, or for larger herds, does he use electric? Neat stuff to watch. I actually find it calming.

  3. Alyssa Gibson says:

    Never mind about the sheep not moving, I just saw the ties as he rolled her over.

    • wmclaa says:

      We sheared a sheep today that we had to make get up after we were done. They seem to like the attention. Plus, if the shepherd is shearing once per year, it’s usually when they’re about to lamb…they’re not running around anyway. 🙂

  4. wmclaa says:

    Our sheep have 8″ long wool, so it’s much messier than that guy’s shearing. *One* of our Leicester longwool sheep gives us two kitchen garbage bags full of wool.

  5. wmclaa says:

    I just bought a pair of Sheffield No. 1 shears and they were awesome. See them here:

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