Meat Supply

Beef on left and pork on the right.

We just sent a small bull (750 lbs) and pig (260 lbs) to the butcher to get some meat in the freezer.  When all was said and done, it cost us $460 for almost 600 lbs. of cut, wrapped and frozen beef and pork.  Add to that what we fed them and it probably costs of $1/lb for the meat–and that includes steaks, ribs, hams, roasts–everything.  Freezer’s full as you can see.

P.S.   Butcher yourselves and, man, you’d be in business…I’ve got no time for that, though, and our butchers are a wonderful bunch of old-school Christian men…60+ year old family business, and 95 year old grandpa’s still in the  shop.WM

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One Response to Meat Supply

  1. David Meyer says:

    I bought a quarter beef from a local farmer up here in MN and it was great. Cost and flavor were amazing. Really no downside to the experience. Do you know what folks did before refrigeration though? I have often wondered that.

    Also Mr. Michael, have you heard of the Catholic Land Movement? Yes, Chesterton and Beloc’s CLM, but there is a modern one that is trying to get going. A guy by the name of Kevin Ford is sort of the frontman. He has a CSA in Kansas. It seems like something you could really help give some ideas and advise to help the movement along.

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