Status of Land Clearing

This 12 acre tract is almost as big as our present farm...and it's only a quarter of our new farm.

One half of the 25 acres as it was when we bought it in 2011.  It’s full of brush now, but the stumps are gone.

In May 2011, we purchased 25 acres of land that had just be cut for pines and was filled with pine stumps left behind, standing 1-3″ above the soil surface.

We researched our options for clearing the land and making it pasture/crop-ready and those options ranged from bulldozing all of the stumps to just letting them lie if we could afford to leave the land alone for a few years.

Bulldozing 25 acres would have cost close to $30,000 and we knew there was just no way that was prudent.  I collected more information on letting pine stumps rot and learned that in 3-5 years they should have rotted out.  I confirmed this with a local extension agent and decided to leave the land alone.

Well, in July 2013, the stumps are almost entirely rotted out and the land is ready for use.  I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

We have to give credit to our help, though, because we did have help in stump removal process.  The ants that everyone hates down south are responsible for the super-fast decaying of the stumps.  Every stump has been full of ants and they cleared the place out.  So, while they’re going to have to leave now that their work is done, we’re thankful for them and will always remember that we owe them for these 25 acres.  Maybe St. Francis told them to help us out and blessed our patience.

So, as of August 1, 2013, we’re moving forward to adding 25 acres of cultivated crop land and pasture to our farm operation.

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One Response to Status of Land Clearing

  1. There’s always a way not to spend $30,000, isn’t there?

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