Clearing Brush: the Bog Harrow


As I was out this afternoon clearing some trees from the land we’ll be clearing my neighbor Ralph offered me the help of an old piece of equipment that he said would do the job better than my bush hog and plough.

It’s called a “bog harrow”, which he pronounced as,  “bawg harrh”.  We pulled the old thing out from the tall grass behind his barn and,  I’ll be darned,  it’s exactly what I need.

The big harrow is dragged across brush covered land that can have decaying stumps in it. When hooked to the tractor,  the discs will point straight ahead and roll.   When the rope attached to the harrow’s lever is picked up,   the discs can be rotated inward to cut rather than roll. It will chop up any brush on the land and hop over any sturdy stumps.

So,  now you know about the big harrow.

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