Canning Milk

ImageMuch of the craziness in milk production and storage centers around the modern idea that milk is primarily for fresh/cold drinking.  Anyone who milks goats or cows learns quickly that there’s way too much milk on a farm for drinking.  

Most of the farm’s milk is going to be used for things other than drinking. Milk is used for soups, puddings, sauces, gravies, etc.. It’s fed to baby animals when nursing problems arise, too.  

This milk does not need to have the crisp, clean taste of fresh drinking milk.  It also doesn’t need to be kept cold.  Milk intended for non-drinking purposes can simply be canned like any other farm product and stored at room temperature.

This is especially important for months in between milking periods, when fresh milk isn’t available.  If you ever have to buy any milk from a store, it can simply be clean, fresh milk for drinking.

So, get canning your milk.


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