Home-Made Lamb Milk Replacer

In the event that a mother sheep is unable to feed her own lambs, we are forced to provide a milk replacer until either the mother can feed or the lamb cat eat solid food.  Powdered milk replacer bought from the store is very expensive–and unnecessary.  Here on the farm we make our own and it works perfectly.  Sheep’s milk is heavier than cow’s milk, so needs some additions.  Here’s the recipe:

Beatitudes Farm Lamb Milk Replacer

1/2 gallon whole milk
1 egg (beaten)
1/4 cup (heavy) cream

1.  We feed this replacer in regular baby bottles with the nipples cut a bit to allow greater milk flow.
2.  We feed 1 qt. of this replacer twice daily.
3.  If the lamb doesn’t seem to be gaining weight, double the egg and cream.

On the farm here, the ingredients are all produced here, but store-bought ingredients are fine.   I don’t know, however, if it would be less expensive for you if you did.

God bless,
William Michael
Beatitudes Farm

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