Quick Livestock Halter

Quick HalterTo make a simple, always-available livestock halter that works with goats, sheep or cattle, follow these steps using any rope you have around–you can even use a piece of baling twine for sheep and goats.  Of course, if you want to be a do-do, you can buy these at the store, but you can make one in ten seconds if you learn how to do so–and you’ll find it much more useful on the farm to quickly make a livestock halter whenever you need one:

Step 1.  Tie a loop in one end of the rope large enough to fit over the animal’s nose.

Step 2.  Take the other end of the rope and put it through that loop leaving a large loop (for the head) and a small loop (for the nose).

Get the large loop over the animal’s head and you’re halfway done.  Slide the small loop up over the animal’s nose and pull the other end of the rope hard, tightening the halter on the animal.  That’s all you need to do.

William Michael
Beatitudes Farm

P.S.  Here’s a pic…



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