Ora et Labora Schedule

Dear friends,

If any of you would like to seek to maintain a more perfect schedule, oriented around (a) praying the traditional Divine Office, (b) reading Scripture daily and (c) keeping the Lord’s Day holy, I’d like to share a schedule form that I use that I believe is very helpful.  I call it the “Ora et Labora” schedule because it is intended for a person who, literally, lives a life of work and prayer.  It allows for five hours of sleep, which you may know is what St. Thomas More practiced as a busy, but godly, man.  

The schedule provides 36 work periods per week, or an average of 144 per month, which helps with scheduling tasks.  The Lord’s is set apart from Evening Prayer on Saturday until Evening Prayer on Sunday.  To pray the Divine Office at each appointed hour, you can use the  Divine Office links on the CLAA website here, which update daily.  To read the Scriptures in this schedule, you can use the CLAA Sacred Scripture program, which is available here.

View/Print Ora et Labora Schedule

No complaints/criticisms, please.  This is intended for a small number of people who will appreciate it.  I already know that 99% of the people in the world won’t be interested–and it’s not intended for them.

God bless,
William Michael

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