Summer Project Completed


This summer, we added a new 3 acre pasture, cleared and well-fenced.  Big project for a family, but we got it done and it looks great.  We put up a 39″ woven wire fence, an inch or two off the ground, and then added a barbed wired at 48″, creating a 48″ pasture fence that can keep any livestock in or out.  I also arranged so that a strand of electric fence can be run around the top, middle and/or bottom of the fence if needed.  It took our Great Pyrenees (Clovis) two days to find a way out of it, so I know it works well (he had to climb the gate).   Definitely not a cheap fence, but the money we save from buying hay will pay it off over time.

I designed the fence and did all the detail work.  My teenage sons dug the posts, cemented the posts and built the braces, which was amazingly helpful.  My wife made supply runs as we went along and brought ice pops out to us as we worked.  My daughters and younger sons helped me as I stretched the fence and barbed wire, made splices, and fastened it all and made water runs.  Can’t guess how many thousands of dollars we saved and I think we did a better job than a fence company would do because I was able to make sure every spot was tight and clean.


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