Not many farms are run by men who work in education for a living, but ours is, and I’m very happy to offer classes on farming and farm management that will help new farmers establish well-ordered farms, and help existing farmers improve the management of different elements of their farm operations.  I don’t believe that the agricultural college degree is a sustainable option for most men, and God doesn’t require that any man have a certificate before He causes their crops and livestock to grow!

Our online classes are arranged to allow adults to work through them at their own pace, or to be used as school courses for home school students living on family farms.

Online Classes

Feeding Livestock
In this course, we study the entire subject of livestock feeding, from the beginning principles to the practical details of buying feed ingredients and preparing feed rations.  Course includes all required texts, assignments and quizzes.
Cost:  $50.00

Household Management
The farm is but part of the household and the head of household must understand how to manage the entire life of the family.  From family religion to parenting to scheduling farm chores, this course aims to provide a complete and sustainable plan for household management.     Course includes all required texts, assignments and quizzes.
Cost:  $50.00

Home Economics
The work of the farm housewife is big time work, on which the entire household depends.  Proverbs 31 paints a picture for us of the virtuous woman and the wisdom and strength needed for her works is very great.  In this course, we seek to establish a complete and sustainable plan for housekeeping, beginning with a woman’s spiritual life and moving down to caring for babies, organizing the kitchen, maintaining the kitchen garden, preserving produce, and more.
Cost:  $50.00

For more information on our online courses, please contact us at:



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  1. michellejm9 says:

    Is it possible to do Household Management by correspondence/distance ed??

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