Our Livestock

On the Beatitudes Farm, we have a large number of top quality animals.

Jersey Dairy Cows

Two Jersey cows are always in milk here on the farm which supply the kitchen with 6 gallons of fresh milk daily for drinking, yogurt-making and buttering.  We keep a pure bred Jersey bull on the farm for breeding while male calves are castrated at birth and raised for meat.  Beatitudes Farm is a member of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Nubian Dairy Goats

Five to six Nubian daiy goats are kept in milk here on the farm, whose milk is used for cheesemaking in the kitchen.  Male goat kids (bucklings) are castrated at birth and raised for meat and brush-clearing.  Beatitudes Farm is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

Boer Meat Goats

A small herd of Boer goats are kept for brush-clearing and meat production.  These goats are in high demand from our Hispanic neighbors who love “chevon“.  Beatitudes Farm is a member of the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA).

Leicester Longwool Sheep

A small herd of Leicester longwools are kept here on the farm for wool and meat production.  Our rams come from the historic livestock department at Colonial Williamsburg, with whom we enjoy a partnership in preserving this important breed of sheep.  Beatitudes Farm is a member of the Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association (LLSBA).

Rhode Island Red Chickens

To maintain our demand for fresh eggs, we keep around 100 hens laying throughout the year.  We raise Rhode Island Reds because they are dual purpose birds that provide eggs abundantly and are large enough for meat.

Yorkshire Pigs

We keep close to 40 pigs for sale and butchering throughout the year, as well as for the efficient use of our kitchen food waste.  In North Carolina, Beatitudes Farm is a licensed meat handler, meaning that we may store, sell and transport our meat products.

Percheron Draft Horses

We are fortunate to have neighbors who operate a full-time carriage business in the Charlotte area.  This has allowed us to purchase fully trained draft horses for use here on the farm.  We keep two giant Percheron draft horses on the farm for cart driving and field-cultivating.

Great Pyrenees Dogs

Keeping sheep and goats, or any valuable livestock, poses dangers as predators such as coyotes and wild dogs have to be dealt with. We keep and breed beautiful, but functional, Great Pyrenees dogs on the farm as livestock guardians.  Beatitudes Farm is registered with the American Kennel Club as breeders of Great Pyrenees.


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